When will gas prices stop rising? Experts weigh in

(NEW YORK) -- Drivers have enjoyed relief at the gas pump this summer compared with eye-popping prices a year ago, but an alarming trend has emerged in recent weeks: Prices are rising once again.Over the past month, the average price of a gallon of gas... Read More.

Italy’s government convenes talks amid skyrocketing pasta prices

(ROME) -- Italy's government is on full alert following a national problem: skyrocketing Pasta prices.Italy's Minister of Enterprise and Made in Italy, Adolfo Urso, chaired an emergency meeting on Thursday, convening government officials, trade and consumer association representatives and distributors, for crisis talks to discuss... Read More.

Consumers push back on higher prices amid inflation woes

(NEW YORK) -- McDonald's customers are more reluctant to add fries to their order, grocery shoppers are less willing to swallow the elevated price of Unilever mayonnaise and Target customers are balking at some high-priced items.Executives from each of these companies mentioned the respective... Read More.

Why stock prices are rising and what experts say comes next

(NEW YORK) -- High inflation, interest rate hikes and recession worries pummeled stocks last year.The market has rebounded in 2023, though, even as each of those problems continues to vex the economy. Compounding those concerns, the banking sector underwent a crisis last month and a... Read More.