Inflation woes: Which prices are going up the most and why?

(NEW YORK) -- A hotter-than-expected inflation report this week pummeled the stock market and punctured hopes of relief for strained households. New government data showed that prices rose slightly in August, worsening the cost woes for consumers as the Federal Reserve readies to decide on... Read More.

US rent prices finally showing signs of cooling down

(NEW YORK) -- Americans are finally starting to see the red-hot rental market begin to cool off, after record growth. A combination of strong demand, low supply and high inflation have kept pressure on rental prices nationwide, but for the first time in 20 months,... Read More.

Gas prices fall below $4 for first time since March

(NEW YORK) -- The national average price for a gallon of gas fell below $4 on Thursday for the first time since early March, according to AAA data. The milestone was reached after more than 55 consecutive days of declining prices at the pump. The... Read More.

Inflation slows significantly as gas prices drop in July

(NEW YORK) -- Inflation data released on Wednesday revealed that price increases slowed in July, easing the strain on household budgets as the Federal Reserve fights inflation with a series of borrowing cost hikes. While still elevated, price hikes waned from the near-historic pace reached... Read More.

July inflation data to show latest on sky-high prices

(NEW YORK) -- Inflation data set for release Wednesday will show whether sky-high price increases accelerated or waned in July. The new data arrives as costs strain household budgets, and the Federal Reserve tries to dial back inflation with a series of interest rate hikes... Read More.