Snow, rain expected in parts of US on Thanksgiving

(NEW YORK) -- Millions of people who hit the roads and the skies for the Thanksgiving holiday are not expected to face any significant weather issues, but a few storms in the South and the Northeast may cause a few hiccups for travelers.While most... Read More.

Rain, Rain, Come This Way

The big question on the minds of many across the North Sound and Western Washington is when will it rain and finally douse all the wildfires and smoke. Easterly winds from the Cascades energized wildfires and brought more wildfire smoke over the region throughout... Read More.

The Smell Of Rain

Ever smelled rain, even before it starts? Human beings are able to smell this phenomenon even better than many other animals including dogs.What we smell is a term coined by Australian scientists – petrichor. It is caused by rain or rising moisture in the... Read More.

Wanted – Rain, Hail, and Snow Reports

More North Sound volunteers are needed to measure rain, hail and snow precipitation from their backyard. A program called CoCoRaHS or Community Collaborative Rain, Hail and Snow network is where volunteers work together to measure precipitation across the nation. The program started in... Read More.