New mosquito raises fear of year-round Malaria in Kenya

(LONDON) -- Researchers from Kenya’s Medical Research Institute (KEMRI) have detected a new species of mosquito in the East African nation that has shown resistance to locally-used insecticides and the potential to transmit Malaria throughout the year, unlike traditional malaria-causing mosquitoes.The mosquito species --... Read More.

Collection of voice data for profit raises privacy fears

(NEW YORK) -- A customer-service center uses artificial intelligence to identify a caller's agitation, an insurance company scans voice data to flag illness and raise rates, a five-star restaurant denies a reservation over personal details revealed by the tone on the other end of... Read More.

Bowl for Ronnie raises over $72K for cancer research

This year's Bowl for Ronnie charity bowling tournament, held in honor of late metal icon Ronnie James Dio, raised over $72,000 for cancer research.The annual event made its return last month after a two-year break due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Among the rockers who... Read More.

Mortgage rates soar as Federal Reserve raises rates

(NEW YORK) -- This week, mortgage rates in the United States reached a 16-year high in response to rising interest rates.Back in September, President Joe Biden told a reporter that the "pandemic is over." While doctors and infectious disease specialists debated whether this was... Read More.