Has the war in Ukraine reached a turning point?

(NEW YORK) -- By the six-month mark of Russia's war in Ukraine, the conflict had become a largely static one, with neither side conducting significant offensive operations -- until last week. Following a surprising counteroffensive, Ukraine said this week that it managed to recapture over... Read More.

Where anti-critical race theory efforts have reached

(WASHINGTON) -- Since 2020, legislation on race education has popped up across the country. A total of 35 states so far have signed into law or proposed legislation banning or restricting the teaching of critical race theory, the academic discipline at the center of... Read More.

Tentative settlement reached in Surfside building collapse

(NEW YORK) -- A tentative $83 million settlement has been reached in a punitive class action lawsuit brought by victims affected by the Surfside building that partially collapsed in South Florida last June, court filings show. The lawsuit was filed against several groups and individuals,... Read More.