‘The Bachelor’ recap: Tensions mount as five new ladies join the fight for Matt’s heart

(LOS ANGELES) -- On Monday's episode of The Bachelor, emotions ran high as five new women joined the remaining 18 ladies hoping to win Matt's heart. Following Sarah's sudden departure, a new rivalry started brewing between Victoria and Katie, who was growing tired of the so-called queen's constant trash-talking. Elsewhere, Chelsea opened up to Matt during a... Read More.

‘The Bachelor’ recap: Queen Victoria becomes a royal pain

(LOS ANGELES) -- While the 24 remaining women find Matt intoxicating, on Tuesday's edition of The Bachelor, the atmosphere among the women after the first rose ceremony had quickly grown toxic. Host Chris Harrison delivered the first date card and warned the potential fiancees that, due to the unusual number of... Read More.

‘The Bachelorette’ recap: The guys get a piece of Tayshia’s mind when she finds out what some are saying about her

  (LOS ANGELES) -- On Tuesday's episode of The Bachelorette, Tayshia laid down the law after discovering what some of the men had been saying about her right before the rose ceremony. The episode kicked off with a group date that featured Bennett, Ivan, Blake, Riley, Demar, Kenny and Zac competing for the only one-on-one date,... Read More.