Ice storm slams Texas, crippling roads and closing schools

(NEW YORK) -- An ice storm slamming Texas this week is crippling roads, closing schools and canceling flights.The freezing rain began Monday and is expected to last through Wednesday morning. The ice will stretch from Texas through Oklahoma, Arkansas, Tennessee and into Kentucky.Some areas... Read More.

Icy roads lead to 2 major pileups on Texas highways

(HOUSTON) -- The winter storm that's hitting the country with frigid temperatures and icy precipitation caused two major highway crashes in Texas Thursday night.Ten cars were involved in the pileup at Westpark Toll Road, just outside of Houston, the police said. The cars hit... Read More.

Update from the City of Everett on Roads

From the City, these are the roads that got some attention before crews closed down for freezing temps last night, with a press release below.EMERGENCY CONDITIONS NORTH END AREAS NOTE:Major arterials are alphabetically listed and are No. 1 priority. Secondary streets and collector streets... Read More.