This Week Is Safe Paddle Week

The combination of the pandemic, opening up the state in the last few months, and the recent dry sunny weather, has resulted in paddle boards, kayaks and other human powered watercraft flying off the shelves. These... Read More.

Indoor Air Quality – How to Keep it Safe

During times like the COVID-19 Pandemic we’re all hyper-aware about the health of our families and co-workers. If you’re reading this article you might be the one who chooses the items that directly affect how healthy your living and work environment are.Many things we... Read More.

Keep The Wreath Green by Being Safe

From the Marysville Fire District: Let's do our best to "keep the wreath green" throughout the entire holiday season. Here is the full press release:Through New Year’s Day, a giant wreath covered in green bulbs will hang outside each of the five Marysville Fire... Read More.