With tax season underway, IRS warns of criminal scams

(NEW YORK) -- As the tax filing season began Monday, the IRS Criminal Investigation division urged taxpayers to protect themselves from scams.Some of those scams include questionable refund schemes, return preparer fraud, abusive tax schemes, according to the agency."Tax crimes surge during filing season... Read More.

FBI warns of rise in costly technical support scams

(NEW YORK) -- The Federal Bureau of Investigation has issued an alert about the rise in technical support scams spreading across the country.FBI field offices in Pittsburgh, Las Vegas, Boston and Chicago continue to warn the public of heightened fraud and cyber security risks.According... Read More.

Amazon warns of rise in scams this holiday season

(NEW YORK) -- Amazon is warning customers about an increase in online and mobile scams ahead of the holiday season.According to Amazon, they have already initiated takedowns of more than 20,000 phishing websites and 10,000 phone numbers associated with impersonation schemes this year.The retail... Read More.

New warning about rise in home-buying scams

(NEW YORK) -- As home buyers face low inventory, many are eager to make a deal as soon as they can, which can put some are risk for scams.Experts are warning that real estate wire fraud is on the rise, and if you aren’t... Read More.

SnoCo Sheriff’s Office Warns of Common Scams

Trending Scams in Snohomish CountyThe Snohomish County Sheriff’s office is floating out information on common scams being reported at this time. Not detailed are the persevering “portfolio recovery scam”, “Medicare scam”, and student loan scams.“Legitimate government agencies, non-profits and companies will never call and demand... Read More.