Mortgage rates soar as Federal Reserve raises rates

(NEW YORK) -- This week, mortgage rates in the United States reached a 16-year high in response to rising interest rates.Back in September, President Joe Biden told a reporter that the "pandemic is over." While doctors and infectious disease specialists debated whether this was... Read More.

How to keep bills down as gas prices soar

(NEW YORK) -- Gas prices are continuing to soar with no relief in sight.The national average price per gallon now stands at $3.53, the highest it’s been since 2014, and experts expect that number to keep going up.So what can you do to save... Read More.

Russia-Ukraine tensions cause gas prices to soar

(NEW YORK) -- The recent tensions between Russia and Ukraine are affecting Americans at the pump.Prices for oil are now at their highest level in eight years.“Russia still supplies some of the oil to the United States, and prices for oil are now above... Read More.