Major Flooding Elsewhere – Could The North Sound Be Next?

This year alone has already had remarkable rainfall events around the world resulting in historic flooding. Just in the month of July, several European countries and central China suffered massive flooding. Last month in August, middle Tennessee had heavy rainfall and mammoth flooding. And then... Read More.

The North Sound Is Heating Up: Increasing Temps Continue

Your favorite TV weather anchor usually includes the daily normal or statistical average high or low temperature in their presentation. The averages they offer come from what are called 30-year averages and those 30-year averages just got updated. Just last month, new 30-year averages for... Read More.

April Showers Bring May Flowers in the North Sound

April showers bring May flowers. This poem from the 19th century rings so well in the North Sound and Western Washington. In April, cool air flows inland from the Gulf of Alaska. Combined with longer days and warmer sunshine, it creates conditions to produce... Read More.