US consumers may suffer from Pelosi’s Taiwan trip: Experts

(WASHINGTON) -- When Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi arrived in Taiwan last week, the world braced for China's response. Within hours of her departure, China began military exercises around Taiwan, leaving the world wondering how far China is willing to take its response. Evidence... Read More.

Women in health care suffer burnout disproportionately to men

(NEW YORK) -- Mounting evidence finds that women working in health care are experiencing disproportionately more feelings of burnout during the pandemic, as they're more likely to carry primary responsibility of family care such as meal preparation, shopping and family activities -- on top... Read More.

Suffer From Pollen Allergies?

Suffer From Pollen Allergies? Have your allergy symptoms surged lately?  Runny nose?  Sniffles? Watery eyes?  Sneezing? You are not alone. The North Sound's allergy season is in full swing. And now we have a spell of sunny spring weather with warming temperatures that will wake up... Read More.