What’s driving the bitcoin surge? Experts weigh in.

(NEW YORK) -- Bitcoin is on a tear.The largest cryptocurrency has soared more than 20% over the last four days, approaching an all-time high. By contrast, the S&P 500 has dropped slightly over that period.On Wednesday, the price of bitcoin surpassed $64,000 for the... Read More.

Wendy’s announces Uber-like surge pricing model

(NEW YORK) -- Wendy’s announced it will launch new menu prices that will fluctuate depending on the time of day.The country’s second-largest burger chain, which has 6,000 restaurant locations, said the change will begin next year.Customers could pay $1 more for a sandwich like... Read More.

Migrant crisis explained: What’s behind the border surge

(WASHINGTON) -- The Biden administration is doubling down on strategies to contain migration as unauthorized border crossings surge across the southwest.The number of migrants apprehended in a single day by the U.S. Border Patrol approached an estimated 9,000 on Wednesday, according to officials who... Read More.