Sweden knocks USA out of World Cup in penalty kicks

(MELBOURNE, Australia) -- The United States was knocked out of the World Cup by Sweden, in a match that pitted the reigning champions against a hard-charging team on a winning streak.The game closed out 120 minutes of regulation play without a goal, despite the U.S.... Read More.

Senate votes to support Finland and Sweden joining NATO

(WASHINGTON) -- The U.S. Senate approved a resolution Wednesday evening to support Finland and Sweden in joining NATO -- a crucial step in the quest of the two countries to join the 30-member alliance.The Senate voted 95-1, with Missouri Republican Sen. Josh Hawley voting... Read More.

Russia-Ukraine live updates: Finland, Sweden invited to join NATO

(NEW YORK) -- Russian President Vladimir Putin's "special military operation" into neighboring Ukraine began on Feb. 24, with Russian forces invading from Belarus, to the north, and Russia, to the east. Ukrainian troops have offered "stiff resistance," according to U.S. officials.The Russian military has... Read More.