New York’s largest private hospital system now 100% vaccinated

(NEW YORK) -- Northwell Health, the largest hospital system in New York state, announced Monday that all of its employees have been vaccinated against the coronavirus. The move comes just one week after the state issued a vaccine mandate for all health workers. Northwell Health representatives said... Read More.

COVID-19 complications could strain health system for years

(NEW YORK) -- Half of patients hospitalized with COVID-19 developed complications associated with the virus, prompting experts to warn that long-term problems from COVID could strain the health system for years, according to new research out of the United Kingdom. The study, published Thursday in... Read More.

Instacart shoppers challenge ratings system

(NEW YORK) — At the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, Ehud Sopher, a screenwriter and director based in New York City, found himself without a job. The global health crisis had shut down the city -- and the entertainment industry along with it. But then,... Read More.