Possible hurricane takes aim at Louisiana: Latest path

(NEW YORK) -- Tropical Storm Ida, which formed Thursday, is forecast to strengthen into a hurricane before targeting Louisiana this weekend. Ida is set to hit the Cayman Islands and Cuba as a tropical storm on Friday morning, delivering up to 20 inches of rain.... Read More.

Nurse takes care of patients even on her days off

(LAS VEGAS) -- For some patients, it's the little things. Brooke Johns, 40, is an emergency room nurse at Southern Hills Hospital in Las Vegas. On her days off, she heads back to the hospital to provide patients with some genuine human connection, brushing out... Read More.

Dozens dead in Washington, Oregon as heat wave takes its toll

(PORTLAND, Ore.) -- Unrelenting heat waves are still pounding the Northeast and Pacific Northwest -- but cooler weather is on its way for East Coast residents. Heat is a silent killer. On average, more people die from heat than any other severe weather, including tornadoes, hurricanes... Read More.