Has the war in Ukraine reached a turning point?

(NEW YORK) -- By the six-month mark of Russia's war in Ukraine, the conflict had become a largely static one, with neither side conducting significant offensive operations -- until last week.Following a surprising counteroffensive, Ukraine said this week that it managed to recapture over... Read More.

Signs the housing market is turning more buyer-friendly

(NEW YORK) -- When Jarvis Claiborne and his wife Renada were pre-approved for a mortgage in February, they were excited to start shopping for their first home in Houston, Texas. But that excitement quickly turned to shock and frustration as they realized they couldn’t... Read More.

Kevin Bacon turning quiz show host with ‘Lucky 13’

Those "six degrees of Kevin Bacon" are about to get a lot shorter for contestants on a forthcoming quiz show.ABC Audio has confirmed the famously-connected actor will headline and co-produce Lucky 13, from the creators of the one-time phenomenon Who Wants To Be a... Read More.