Pence vs. Harris on the issues

By JUSTIN GOMEZ and AVERI HARPER, ABC News(WASHINGTON) -- He's a self-proclaimed "Christian, conservative and a Republican, in that order" and she's a moderate Democrat with a past as a self-proclaimed "progressive prosecutor."No surprise that Vice President Mike... Read More.

Trump vs. Biden on the issues: Economy

By SHANNON K. CRAWFORD, ABC News(WASHINGTON) -- When President Donald Trump rang in 2020, the economy was one of his biggest selling points for reelection. He had inherited a strong economy from the Obama administration, and it continued to grow... Read More.

Trump vs. Biden on the issues: Health

By ERIN SCHUMAKER, ABC News(WASHINGTON) -- With unprecedented unemployment in the United States, where health care is inextricably linked to employment, and a coronavirus pandemic ravaging the globe, it's safe to say that on Nov. 3, health is on the... Read More.