Wildfire Season is Just Warming Up

From the old TV show – “Danger Will Robinson, Danger!” The fireworks may be over, but the threat of wildfires – both rural and urban – remains.The recipe for wildfires is dry conditions, heat, and an ignition source.Conditions are certainly dry across the region.... Read More.

Severe Weather Shelters and Warming Centers Open in Skagit County

In case you haven’t noticed, it’s cold. Temperatures are dropping. Skagit County Public Health has again partnered with community service providers and local congregations to offer community members overnight shelters and daytime warming centers during the current severe weather event.The Seventh Day Adventist Church... Read More.

The North Sound Is Heating Up: Increasing Temps Continue

Your favorite TV weather anchor usually includes the daily normal or statistical average high or low temperature in their presentation. The averages they offer come from what are called 30-year averages and those 30-year averages just got updated.Just last month, new 30-year averages for... Read More.