Why Washington state is seeing a 4th COVID-19 wave

(OLYMPIA, Wash.) -- Even as COVID-19 vaccines are rolled out throughout the U.S., Washington state is reeling from a fourth wave of infections, with hospitalizations surging for people age 40 to 59 -- and among many much younger. Virus cases and hospitalizations have steadily risen... Read More.


CLEAN UP THOSE BOATS AND FISHING GEAR, TROUT DERBY IS HERE  The Washington State 2021 Trout Fishing Derby officially begins Saturday, April 24th. There are more than 1,000 prizes available in 2021, worth a total value of... Read More.

National World War I Memorial unveiled in Washington

(WASHINGTON) -- A flag that's flown over cemeteries in Europe where Americans killed in "The Great War" are buried has been raised again over Pershing Park in Washington, the new home of the National World War I Memorial. Located on Pennsylvania Avenue near the White... Read More.