Russia battered by deadly COVID 3rd wave

(RUSSIA) -- Russia is enduring a devastating third wave of the coronavirus pandemic, registering record numbers of daily virus deaths many days for the past month as the virus rages in the country where there are few quarantine restrictions in place and much of... Read More.

Dozens dead in Washington, Oregon as heat wave takes its toll

(PORTLAND, Ore.) -- Unrelenting heat waves are still pounding the Northeast and Pacific Northwest -- but cooler weather is on its way for East Coast residents. Heat is a silent killer. On average, more people die from heat than any other severe weather, including tornadoes, hurricanes... Read More.

Supreme Court defies critics with wave of unanimous decisions

(WASHINGTON) -- The opening term of the most conservative Supreme Court in a generation was supposed to bring an eruption of pent-up ideological rage. Instead, it's closing with astonishing bonhomie. The rushed confirmation of Justice Amy Coney Barrett in October, which solidified the court's 6-3... Read More.