Weather Balloon Found – What To Do?

An and KRKO Radio listener recently found a strange box labeled radiosonde in his Arlington backyard and asked what is it? The overall answer is a weather balloon and the instrument package called a radiosonde can be reused by mailing it back using... Read More.

Will This Dry Weather End Soon?

Parts of Western Washington including sections of the North Sound have not had any significant rainfall since June 14th this year. The dry and warmer than average weather has resulted in quite dry conditions, an elevated wildfire threat, and dozens of active ongoing wildfires... Read More.

When Is The Best Weather Time For An Outdoor Wedding

The Centers of Disease Control (CDC) and Prevention recently offered the opportunity for those fully vaccinated to remove their masks both outdoors and indoors. Those who missed out on their outdoor wedding plans last year thanks to the pandemic, and those planning such events... Read More.