Mental health effects of Ukraine war zone on children

(NEW YORK) -- As the Russian invasion of Ukraine intensifies, children are experiencing devastating consequences of being caught up in the war zone. At least seven children have been killed, according to United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights, and several more have been injured... Read More.

Why a Ukraine no-fly zone isn’t an option: Experts

(NEW YORK) -- Ukrainian officials under relentless attack from Russian forces have pleaded with President Joe Biden and members of NATO to impose a no-fly zone over significant parts of Ukraine. It's been used effectively by the U.S. and its allies several times in conflicts... Read More.

Concerns mount over conflict in Chernobyl exclusion zone

(PRIPYAT, Ukraine) -- As Russian troops continue to inch their way through its invasion of Ukraine, a secondary catastrophe to the fighting between the ex-Soviet neighbors is possible: another nuclear reaction at Chernobyl. On Thursday afternoon, Russian armed forces entered the deserted exclusion zone around... Read More.