(LONDON) — Prince William and Duchess Kate are adding YouTubers to their list of royal responsibilities.

On Wednesday, the duke and duchess of Cambridge, announced on social media that they’re now on YouTube by sharing a video about some of their most memorable moments together as a couple, including the time Kate showed off her archery skills during a trip to Bhutan in 2016 and their red carpet appearance at the BAFTA Awards in 2019.

The YouTube announcement also features one of the most playful moments between the couple yet.

At the start of the video, William is seen warning Kate about the cameras and to be careful what she says.

“Be careful what you say now, because these guys are filming everything,” he tells Kate.

It’s unclear what kind of content the couple will share, but so far their YouTube channel, which shares the name of their updated Instagram handle, The duke and duchess of Cambridge, includes videos from royal tours, speeches and virtual visits and chats that were conducted amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Last week, William and Kate, who have three children together — Prince George, 7, Princess Charlotte, 5, and Prince Louis, 3 — celebrated their 10th wedding anniversary. To commemorate their milestone, the couple shared two new royal portraits, which were taken at Kensington Palace, and a home video that showed them enjoying the outdoors with their kids.

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