(NEW YORK) — With all that the COVID-19 pandemic has taken away from our children — school, birthday parties, family gatherings and so much more — there’s one thing even the virus can’t take away: Santa.

That’s according to a Facebook post from Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte, who was asked in a letter from a 5-year-old boy named Thomas what’s been on the mind of children the world over as the holidays draw near: Will Santa come this year?

Conte reassured the boy that Santa has an “international self-certification: he can travel everywhere and distribute gifts to all children around the world. Without any limitation. He then confirmed that he always uses a mask and keeps the right distance to protect himself and all the people he meets.”

He urged the little boy from Cesano Maderno, in Northern Italy, to not “waste a chance at an extra gift” by asking Santa to send away the coronavirus. “We adults will manage to kick out the coronavirus, all together,” he wrote.

The post has been shared almost 90,000 times so far.

“The idea of letting them find under the tree, besides hot milk and cookies, even sanitizing liquid seems excellent,” Conte wrote, adding it would allow Santa to restart safely.

And there’s no need for Thomas to tell Santa he’s been a good boy this year, Conte said. The prime minister has already done it for him.

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