North Sound Weather Minute


Western Washington's North Sound Meteorologist Ted Buehner offers Puget Sound region weather information beyond the forecast and addresses listener questions in each Weather Minute Podcast.

Does Mountain Snow Melt Drive Flooding?

Dec 09, 2023 Website
This Podcast addresses the myth that mountain snow melt drives river flooding. In the wake of the recent atmospheric river, evidence shows whether this myth is busted.

What Is An Atmospheric River?

Dec 04, 2023 Website
Another atmospheric river is spreading copious amounts of rain into the region. But what is an atmospheric river? This Podcast explains what it it and what it has done in the past, and why there is the need to prepare in advance.

The Start of Meteorological Winter Vs Astronomical Winter

Nov 29, 2023 Website
Dec 1st is the start of Meteorological Winter, but the Winter Solstice and start of winter on the calendar is Dec 21st. Which one is the start of winter? This Podcast describes the differences.

The Latest Seasonal Weather Outlook vs the Old Farmer's Almanac

Nov 27, 2023 Website
El Nino is in play for this winter season and the latest winter weather outlook reflects El Nino's impact for the North Sound. Yet, the Old Farmer's Almanac has a different take on the outlook. This Podcast addresses the differences.

'Tis the Season for King Tides

Nov 20, 2023 Website
King Tide season is here. This Podcast addresses what a King Tide is, how they are created, what coastal flooding they can do, and what precautions can be taken now.

What Is An Atmospheric River?

Nov 13, 2023 Website
You hear this term, but really what is an atmospheric river and what is the impact? This Podcast addresses those questions and more.

100 Year Flood - What Does It Really Mean?

Nov 07, 2023 Website
This Podcast addresses what the term 100-year flood really means as opposed to its common mis-interpretations.

November Is Usually The Wettest Month - Will It Do It Again?

Nov 02, 2023 Website
November is normally the wettest month of the year in the North Sound. After 8 of 10 dry months this year, will November live up to its image? This Podcast describes what this November could do to help with the rain deficit.

Coldest Weather of the Season Is Here

Oct 27, 2023 Website
Yes, it's cold outside. This Podcast describes some protective steps to take, and looks ahead to what weather is in store for Halloween.

El Nino and It's Impacts This Winter Into Next Year

Oct 21, 2023 Website
This Podcast highlights the latest seasonal weather outlook involving El Nino and what the impacts will likely be this winter and into next year.