North Sound Weather Minute


Western Washington's North Sound Meteorologist Ted Buehner offers Puget Sound region weather information beyond the forecast and addresses listener questions in each Weather Minute Podcast.

The Latest Look Ahead at This Winter's Weather Outlook

Jul 18, 2024 Website
The latest seasonal weather outlook was just released. This Podcast reviews what were the results for the rest of this summer, plus a look ahead at this fall and winter, and what it means regarding hazardous winter weather.

Wildfire Season Is Here - Early!

Jul 12, 2024 Website
The recent heat wave kicked the wildfire season into a higher gear. Learn what records were set, what burn bans are in place, what the weather outlook is for the rest of the summer, and what steps you can take to avoid wildfires by listening to this Podcast.

The First Heat Wave of 2024 - Steps to Offer Relief

Jul 04, 2024 Website
The first heat of the year has arrived. This Podcast reviews what steps can be taken to help offer relief from the heat including avoiding drownings and wildfires.

Does It Always Rain on the 4th of July?

Jun 30, 2024 Website
This Podcast answers that question, offers the forecast for this year's Independence Day, along with fireworks safety.

2021 Heat Dome Revisited - Could It Happen Again?

Jun 25, 2024 Website
This Podcast revisits the historic 'heat dome' the North Sound and Pacific Northwest endured in late June 2021. Could it happen again? Find out by listening.

Why Isn't the First Day of Summer Also the Warmest Day?

Jun 19, 2024 Website
This phenomenon is experienced worldwide and this Podcast answers that question.

Listener Question - What Is The Marine Layer?

Jun 11, 2024 Website
A listener asked what is the marine layer? This Podcast answers that question including how it dissipates, revealing sunshine.

Safety Tips As Warmer Drier Weather Finally Arrives

Jun 05, 2024 Website
It's finally arrived - a long-awaited stretch of warmer drier weather. But we are not used to this summerlike weather. This Podcast offers how warm it will get and how to better protect yourself heading into summer.

Why Are Weather Reports At Airports?

May 30, 2024 Website
Comedian George Carlin made a joke about this topic, yet there are solid reasons why weather measurements are primarily made at airports. Listen to learn why that is the case.

This Season's Hurricane Outlook - Is It Important To You?

May 27, 2024 Website
The hurricane season outlook was just released. The North Sound does not get hurricanes, but you may have relatives and friends, or plan to visit hurricane prone areas this summer and fall. Listen to learn what the outlook offered, why, and what is needed to better prepare.